Science Quiz #1 – Play and Win Cash Prize


Hello readers, as promised we are starting Online Quiz which is open to all. Answer simple questions of this Science Quiz and get a chance to win Cash Prize of 100₹.


Science Quiz #1 – Play and Win 100₹ Cash Prize

Write your answer in comment box and get a chance to win Cash Prize.

Q.1. Who discovered cell?

  1. Robert Brown
  2. Robert Hooker
  3. Pauli
  4. Robert Hooke

Q.2  Which plant can release Oxygen Gas 24 hrs (day and night)?

  1. Tulsi
  2. Banyan Tree
  3. Peepal
  4. Aloe Vera
  5. No plant can evolve Oxygen during Night (dark)

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  1. Science Quiz #1
    1.1. (Q.1)Who discoverd cell?
    1.Ans:-(d)Robert Hooke
    1.3 (Q.2)Which plant can release Oxygen Gas 24 hrs (day and night)?
    2.Ans:-(d)Aloe Vera

    Thank u sir❤

  2. 1- (d)
    And there are also other like alovera, banyan tree and other.
    Sir your channel is best for stop rumuor and give the right direction to student. Thanks a lot


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