How To Write in Board Exam Copy – Topper’s Tips

how to writing board exam copy

Hello everyone, in this article you will know how to write in Board Exam Copy. You will know 6 tips to write exams to get full marks as toppers get. Exam is not only the way to check your knowledge but it is also a way to evaluate your qualities to represent your knowledge.

All the preparation of students go in-vain if they do not get good marks. So they always try to implement their creative ideas in their copies. If you do analysis of the topper’s copies then it is not tough to identify the unique way of their writing. Actually you all have to keep some small but important things in your mind while writing board exam copies.

Topper’s Tips to Write in Board Exam Copies

On the basis of my personal knowledge and teaching/evaluation experience I have analysed the topper’s copies and talked to some topper students. The following tips will really work for you and I recommend you to follow these tips while writing board exam copies.


It is said “First impression is the last impression”. Your handwriting no doubt make the first impression on the examiner. If you have written your copy in neat and clean way it makes the examiner happy. It also makes you different from the other students and represent your talent in the best way. However, you should not compromise with the time management and completing all the answers in time in order to write beautifully.

The Point wise answers hold the attention of the examiners and get good marks

TIP- 2 Make Neat and Clean Diagrams With Labeling

If you are writing an answer in which you have to draw diagram(s) you should make it neatly. The toppers always make their diagram with dark color and they label it accordingly. After making the diagram or sketch you should write the topic or name of the figure on the lower side.

Make the diagrams in the middle of the page so as to get proper space of labeling.


Although, it is not necessary to follow the sequence but when you follow the sequence of answering questions, it makes sense. When you follow the sequence while answering it becomes easier for the examiner to fill your marks in the provided sheet and check your copy in easier way.

It makes the work of examiner easy. It also indicates that you are talented and can answer in whatever sequence the questions were represented to you. Therefore, it is beneficial for you.

TIP-4   Give Space Between Two Answers and Between Two Points

Giving space between two answer is always beneficial for the students. All the Toppers make a proper gap between the two successive answers. It makes the understanding of the examiner better so as to understand that the answer ends here and the next answer starts below.

You should leave 3-4 lines between two successive answers and 1-2 lines between two Points of an Answer

It reduces the chance of not getting marks on the answered questions by mistake. Therefore, toppers always make a proper gap of 3 to 4 line between two answers as well as 1 line gap between two points. You should also try to write your answers in short paragraphs. Never write lengthy paragraphs. It creates boredom to the examiners.

TIP-5     Attempt Out of Syllabus/Wrong Questions if Any

Although, it is very rare of coming out of syllabus or wrong questions in the board exam question papers, even then this type of questions are asked. If you feel, at any time, that the respective question(s) is/are wrong or out of syllabus, you should not leave the question unanswered.

I am saying so because on realizing the faults boards always decide to give full marks to the students who have attempted those questions. And in this way it become beneficial and fruitful to the students.

TIP-6    Highlight, Underline and make your Answers Distinct

You should always underline the important words of the answer. You can also highlight the words or sentence with a light colored highlighters. It catches the attention on your desired point of the answer. in case of numerical questions you should make your answer distinct with the other steps either by enclosing the answers in the boxes or by highlighting them.

The Bonus Tip-    Count and Revise Answers

Always save sometime to revise your answers. At the end of exam you should thoroughly check whether you have answered all the questions or there is any answer remained unanswered. In the later case you will find sufficient time to write your answers. So cross check all the answers written in your exam copy.

All the best for Your examination. May God bless you. All the Best.
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