Exam Preparation Tips – Mistakes To Be Avoided during Exams


Exam Preparation Tips-Mistakes To Be Avoided during Exams


Mistakes to Be Avoided During exams

Dear students, the exams are about to held for most of the boards like CBSE, ISC, ICSE and various state boards. If you are appearing for the board exams this year then you would be trying your best to score good marks this year. While preparing for the exams various students make various mistakes. In this article you will know about the mistakes to be avoided during board exams.

I am giving you some tips which will be certainly beneficial for you in your exams.The common mistakes which students make at this juncture are as follows-

1.Searching Important questions from Inappropriate sources

It has been observed that during exam time where is students prepare selected studies.They leave some topics which are not important according to them. In my opinion the selective STUDY is not so bad. Students can go for it.

But at the time of selective studies during exam time, it becomes very important for the students to get the important questions from the subject specialist or from their subject teachers who are specialized and have experience in the particular subject.

Sometimes,students search important questions on their own and if they are not able to do so they go to their friends and ask for the important questions which they are reading at that time. The friends provide questions which may or may not be important. Since they may also be jealous to you wile providing the important questions you, should always think before asking for the important questions to your friends.

2.Too Much Reading

You should understand that your brain capacity is not unlimited and you have limited memory power as well. Increasing memory power over night is also not possible. During exam time various students don’t take rest properly and they study all the time.

Scientifically it has been proven that you should spend proper time for yourself during exams as well. You should not focus only on your studies but you should also be entertained to avoid stress of the examination. You should also focus on the health of your body and brain.

Reading too much is the indication that you are not ready for the exams. clear your concepts and study according your study plan. Neither less nor more.

3. Less Sleeping Time

while you are sleeping your body is busy in the repairing work of your body and brain.That is why you should always take a proper sleep and you should never cut your sleeping time. During exam time you should sleep not less than 6 hours. If you will not sleep properly you will not be able to concentrate on your writing in the exam hall as well as on the preparation of your subsequent papers.

4. Taking Stress and Thinking About Results

While preparing for the exams various students think about the results of the coming or ongoing exams. It is a big mistake and you should not think about it. It decreases your confidence and increases stress in your mind. Thinking about results is not the solution of your problem and it creates disturbances in your studies. It also destroys your concentration on your studies.

5. Taking Improper food

During exams, you should try to eat light and energetic food items. Drinking plenty of water is also beneficial. But most of the students either eat too much or they eat spicy, bulky, heavy or sedative food materials which disturbs their digestive system. And some times it has some negative effect on the learning power as well. So you should be very careful in this regard.

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