CBSE Compartment Exam Question Paper Reviews

Compartment Exam Question Paper Reviews
Compartment Exam Question Paper Reviews

Dear Students, here we are providing CBSE Compartment Exam Question Paper reviews of various Subjects of Class 10th and Class 12th.

These reviews are based on question paper analysis by Subject Specialists. We are also publishing reviews of students in the last of this article.


CBSE Compartment Exam Question Paper Reviews By Subject Specialists and Students

We are providing reviews class wise and sequence wise. As the new Exams held we will add reviews of those question papers.

Class 10th Question Paper Reviews

SST Question Paper Review

As per the analysis of subject analysts the SST Question paper was easy this year. Although some long answer type questions of Economics and Geography were lengthy and tricky, even the students would have sufficient time to complete within time.

The Questions of History were easy and easy to answer. Polity question were very easy this time. Overall performance of the students will depend on time management.

Objective type questions were very easy and scoring. Internal choice questions were also easy and simple as compared to main board exams.

The students who would have got Compartment in Social Studies this year, may pass their exams very easily. Seeing the questions it can be assumed that an average student will easily get 50 plus marks.

(Question Paper Reviewed by Ms. Shubhangi Raman, TGT SST, Bal Vidya Mandir, Indore, M.P.)

Science Question Paper Review

Science Paper was held today. It was an average paper in comparison to Main Board Exam of March 2020. Multiple Questions Asked in Section A were easy. Two Paragraphs were given which were easy to understand.

The Assertion and Reason type questions were lengthy but easy. An average student can easily score decent marks from Section-A.

The Section B question were lengthy. Most of the questions were 3 to 4 liners and based on the concepts.Questions asked from Nervous System and origin and evolution in Section-C were easy and scoring.

The questions asked from Biology portion were easy and none of them were confusing.

The Question from Chemistry portion were also easy and based on concept. A 5-mark Lengthy Question given in Section C from this portion was tough comparatively. Overall, in comparison to the main exams the questions were easy to understand this time.

However, questions from Physics portion may said to be tricky and indirect. Numerical Questions asked from Light and Electricity were easy to moderate. As usual this portion always remain scoring. The questions were asked directly.

The difficulty level of the question paper was lower than the main board exam. An average student may score anywhere between 55-70 marks this time.

(Question Paper Reviewed by U N Pandey, PGT Biology/TGT Science and Teaching Experience of  12 Years Science Teacher. The Author of this Article).

Feel free to write and send your reviews in comment box.


Class 12th Question Paper Reviews

Physics Question Paper Review

Various students appeared for compartment exam in Physics this year. Overall question paper was fine and easy to attempt if the students would have prepared very well.

However, the Section A of the question paper, which consists multiple choice questions (MCQs), was conceptual but tricky. Students may lose marks in this section.

As expected, the question paper was based on sample question paper (SQP) released by the CBSE. Although more concept based questions were also expected in the long answer type questions.

Some 5 mark questions were based on analytical thinking capacity of the students. The students will score good marks for those questions.

Internal choice questions were also easy to answer. However, some long answer type questions may be said to be confusing if the concepts are not clear.

The difficulty level of the question paper may be said to be more or less equivalent to the main board exam question paper.

Overall the paper was average and the average Students may be able to score 40 to 50 marks very easily out of 70.

(•Question paper reviewed by Mr SK Sachdeva, PGT Physics, Blooming Buds Public School, Nagpur, Maharashtra.)

Maths Question Paper Review

Various Students are saying that Mathematics Paper was tough this time. Some students claimed that the question paper was not based on the fixed blue print (Question Paper Design).

Long answer type questions of 6 marks (Section D) were tricky, confusing and of different patterns than taught in schools.

Some students claimed that Question No. 30 of Paper Code 65/C/3 was wrong (mis printed).

Overall response of the students for Maths is not very good. It indicates conclusively hard Question Paper. Not following the blueprint of Question Paper is claimed by most of the students.

However, we are waiting for the Subject Specialist Reviews and will update as soon as we get it. Till then you can submit your reviews in comments section.

Biology Question Paper Review

Biology question paper was slightly easy this time. Multiple choice questions of Section A were direct and very easy to answer within a fraction of seconds.

Figure based questions were predictable and not very tough. The HOTS questions were not more than 5-6% as expected.

Short answer type questions were tricky but easy to answer. Concept based and figure based questions were also simple and easy compared to the main Board examinations of March 2020.

The questions asked from Genetics Portion were analytical complex. Questions from the first unit were direct and easy to answer. The questions about technology section were tricky and short.

The Biology in human welfare portion covered a good portion of question paper with easy questions. Overall Biology paper was easy to average in comparison with main board exam 2020.

As expected, internal choice questions were also given. the whole question paper was based on sample question paper released by CBSE in September 2019.

Overall, the difficulty level of Biology question paper can be said to be Easy. The average student may score 50 to 60 marks very easily.

(Question Paper Reviewed by Umanath Pandey, PGT BIOLOGY and The Author of this Article.)

Compartment Exam Question Paper Reviews provided here is for knowledge and analysis purpose. Talk to your teachers for more satisfactory analysis if not satisfied with this article.

●Umanath Pandey

Accountancy Question Paper Review

As per the opinion of the students the Question paper of Accountancy was tougher than the main exam. We are waiting for subject Expert reviews and detailed analysis.

Expert Reviews Coming Soon…..

Economics Question Paper Review

The students reviews obtained on What’s app conclude that the question paper of Economics was easy to moderate. We are waiting for Detailed analysis and Review by our Subject Specialist. As soon as we get it, this page will be updated.

Till then, feel free to write your own reviews below in the comment section.

Physical Education Question Paper Review

Various students are saying that the question paper of Physical education was of near about same difficulty level as was given in main board exams. We are waiting for expert reviews, which will be updated soon.

Till then, feel free to post your reviews here in the comment box.

(Note- We will update and add new Question Paper Reviews as soon as we receive Reviews from Our Subject Specialists).

Question Paper Reviews Sent By Students

Hello Students, you can also send us your own question paper reviews. Write proper and detailed review of your question paper and Comment Below. You can also send your reviews to my Whatsapp number 9628150142.

We will publish best and reviews here in this page with name and place of the students. try to mention following points in your reviews-

Your Name, Class, Subject, Place, Number of Attempted Questions, Level of all type of Questions and your expected marks. You can also mention what your friends/teachers thought about question papers.



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