CBSE Board Exam 2020- How to Score 90% in 100 Days

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How to Score 90% Marks in CBSE Board Exams 2020

Hello everyone, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is going to conduct Board Exams for class 10th and class 12th. As per the news published in various websites and newspapers it is going to start from 15th of February.

Although CBSE Practical Exam dates have come and it will be conducted between January 1-7 Feb. But the CBSE chairperson Anita Karwal has said that official date sheet will be released in first week of January (READ NEWS HERE). Keeping this in Mind the students of CBSE class 10 and class 12 have not more than 100 days.

Most of the students want to know how to score 90% marks in these remaining 100 days. In this article I am going to tell you how to score 90% marks in CBSE board exam in just 100 days.


This may feel the wastage of time but you have to count all the chapters so as to utilize available time properly. For example, if you are studying 6 subjects and each has an average of 16 chapters then it becomes 96 Chapter pack. And you have to complete these 96 Chapters in the available 100 days.

ncert books

Deduct Some days for Holiday/Festival/Family Function

And if you deduct the dates on which you will not be able to do study due to any reason then it will certainly become less than 90 days. It means you have less than one day per chapter. Even on these days you have to go to school/coaching classes and if you calculate study hours you will be shocked. You’ll not find more than 4-6 hours to complete one chapter.

Focus on Time Management

Therefore, it becomes very important to focus on time management. It will help you to revise your syllabus in available time frame and you will be able to score decent marks. Focus on the important topics in each chapter and write whatever you read daily. Writing will not only help you in boosting your writing speed but it will also help you to keep your memory more permanent.



What Books You Should Study?

At this juncture, when the time is not left so much, so many students become sensitive and curious about the best books to score good marks in board exams. This situation becomes worst when they get so many different kind of recommendations. Friends recommend some other book while teachers recommend another one, YouTubers suggest something else.


After discussing with subject specialists, exam experts and previous year question paper analysis I personally recommend following book list. These books are necessary if you want to get good marks, specifically if you aim to get 90% marks in CBSE board exams.

cbse important books


CBSE board itself prescribes NCERT Books and most of the questions are asked every year directly from these books. So, always read these books and solve the examples and exercises given in it.


CBSE has introduced objective type questions this year in every subjects.

short answer type questions are given in these books which may come in the board exam this year. Therefore, I recommend this book.


After going through 10 year question papers you will be able to understand which questions are very important and are asked repeatedly. So you should buy chapter wise solved question papers. Chapter wise solved papers will help you in understanding what topics are most important what chapter.


This year CBSE has changed the question paper pattern and design. That is why CBSE has uploaded circular for schools and students to be familiar with the new sample paper design and changes in the blue print of question papers.

Download CBSE Sample Question Paper For Class 12

Download CBSE Sample Question Paper For Class 10


  • Reference Books

Sometimes it seems that NCERT books are not enough especially in the mathematics and science subjects because only few questions are given. Therefore, reference books become important. Buy anyone as per your capacity and understanding level. For Standard Mathematics in CBSE class 10th RS Aggarwal or RD Sharma is necessary. For Basic Mathematics NCERT and exampler books are sufficient.

Practice makes a man perfect. So always try to do your best and be positive. Everything will become Okay. I wish you all the best For board exams. Team ExamTub is always there to help You. Don’t forget to write your views in the comment box.

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