CBSE Board Exam 2020 Big Updates- New Circular Regarding Question Paper Design 2020


Hello Students CBSE has recently uploaded a new circular on its Official Website

in which it has clarified that the question paper which is going to be used in CBSE Board Exam 2020 has been framed on the pattern as it has been uploaded on the website. It has also been clarified that the students should not only read the blue print of question paper given in the curriculum, whhic is available on hte website. They should follow the official pattern of sample question paper availible on its website. To understand it clearly you may watch this video-

So many students were confused about the difference in the blue print of question paper given in curriculum of CBSE for board exam 2019-20. Now CBSE has cleared the fact that some modification was made in the official blue print of the question papers while preparing the sample papers. It was for the benefit of the students. CBSE has Quoted-

“It is notified that the curriculum for session 2019-20 examinations was uploaded on the CBSE’s website in the month of April, 2019. Design/Blue print of the question papers was also given in the curriculum. Thereafter, during the process of preparation of sample question papers, some modifications have been made to prepare our students for future challenges.”

Stating Further Circular says, “It is clarified that Sample Question Papers For Session 2019-20 were uploaded in the month of September by the Board, therefore, the same may not be fully complacent with the design/blue print of the question papers given in the curriculum. Sample Question Papers includes modifications introduced by the CBSE, it may please be noted for 2020 Examinations, Sample Question Papers should be taken into consideration and not the design given in the curriculum. Hence, students may be guided accordingly.”

Instructing the schools CBSE further said, “design of the sample question papers may also be used by the schools for the Pre-Board Examinations to make the students familiar with the changes made by the CBSE so that they feel no stress during Examinations.

So You should rely on the question paper design given in sample question papers. You can download the CBSE Sample Question Papers from This Link-

CBSE Sample Question Paper Class X

CBSE Sample Paper Class XII

You can Also download the Official Circular of CBSE by clicking on the following link.


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